The Human Resource Development Program for Nuclear Regulation (ANSET-CP: Advanced Nuclear 3S Education and Training in Cyber-Physical Space)


Students who have completed the curriculum will be awarded the "Certificate of Curriculum Completion of the Human Resource Development Program for Nuclear Regulation (ANSET-CP)" in March or September.

Application Requirements

1.   To Be Enrolled in the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology,
2.   To Satisfy the Completion Requirements as Follows:
(1) To Complete More Than 2 Courses Including the Required 2 Courses in 3S Lecture Courses* ,
(2) To Complete More Than 2 Courses in 3S Exercise Courses* or 1 Course in the Case of Participation in a 3S Internship, and
※Exceptional: For the 3S Lecture, 3S Exercise, and 3S Internship, a completion of equivalent courses in other universities or an equivalent working experience of more than one year can be included in the requirements.
* For more details on the replacement courses, see the form of Accomplishment Report below.


Application Forms

1.   APPLICATION FORM* for Certification of the ANSET-CP Curriculum Completion,
2.   ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT* to Summarize Completion Achievements of the ANSET-CP Curriculum,
3.   ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT to Confirm the ANSET-CP Curriculum Completion, and
4.   CERTIFICATE to Confirm the Course Replacement as Necessary.
* Download the Forms


Submit the Application Forms following the Announcement by the specified date.