The Human Resource Development Program for Nuclear Regulation (ANSET-CP: Advanced Nuclear 3S Education and Training in Cyber-Physical Space)

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The education curriculum of ANSET-CP consists of “3S Lecture Courses”, “3S Exercise Courses”, and “3S Internship Courses” as follows:

3S Lecture Courses (● Required)

To learn the basic expertise of each 3S and understand the collaborative relationship between nuclear security and safeguards and nuclear safety.
●  NCL.O401: Nuclear Non-proliferation and Security (Master’s Course and 2 Credits)
●  NCL.N407: Nuclear System Safety Engineering (Master’s Course and 2 Credits)
〇  TIM.C510: Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Analysis I: The Politics of Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Master’s Course and 1 Credit)

3S Exercise Courses (◎ Intensive)

To deepen understanding 3S through practical exercises and experiments based on a systematic understanding of 3S through 3S Lecture Courses.
〇  NCL.N410: Nuclear Reactor Physics, Radiation Measurement and Nuclear Security Laboratory
  (Master’s Course and 2 Credits)
〇  NCL.D407: Experiment on Thermalhydraulic and Severe Accident Engineering
  (Master’s Course and 2 Credits)
〇  NCL.D405/D406: Experiments for Chemistry in Nuclear Non-proliferation, Fuel Debris and Back-end Fuel Cycle A/B
  (Master’s Course and 1 Credit)
〇  NCL.D401/D402: Experiments for Material Engineering in Nuclear Non-proliferation and Decommissioning A/B
  (Master’s Course and 1 Credit)
◎  NCL.O608: Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Exercise (Doctoral Course and 1 Credit)
◎  NCL.O609: Nuclear Plant Physical Security Exercise (Doctoral Course and 1 Credit)
◎  NCL.O610: Nuclear Disaster Response Exercise  (Doctoral Course and 2 Credits)

3S Internship Courses

To further deepen understanding 3S through related work experience and improve more practical skills.
〇  Domestic Internship
〇  Overseas Internship